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New Fan News!


How incredible is this ya’ll?  Just look how we are growing!  All I can say is “You Guys Totally Rock”!!!

Please help me give an enthusiastic “shout out” to this amazing group of newest Lifetime, returning and new fan club members!!!:

  • Carol Honeywell *LIFETIME MEMBER*
  • Margaret Patterson *LIFETIME MEMBER*
  • Lynn Auten *LIFETIME MEMBER*
  • Candy Lyne *LIFETIME MEMBER*
  • Anita Kusek *Welcome Back*
  • Terri Porter *Welcome Back*
  • Linda Conard *Welcome Back*
  • Erica Prey *Welcome Back*
  • Joyce Shipp
  • Dianne Beatty
  • LuAnn Buchholz
  • Carol Bloxham
  • Carole Heitman
  • Sandra McManama
  • Kaleigh Bendoff
  • Brooke Bendoff
  • Hannah Bendoff
  • Linda Pringle
  • Sandy Clark
  • Laura Bickford
  • Judy Bickford
  • Melissa Carr
  • Philip Massicotte
  • Carol Wood
  • Roberta Olson
  • Barbara Carlson
  • Sam Rachon
  • Dixie Young
  • Cathy Buffington
  • Teri Carl
  • Cindy Snedigar
  • Patty Herr
  • Judy Roland
  • Connie Humphrey
  • Kimberly Buresh

Welcome to this awesome group ya’ll!

We are all so happy that you are with us!

Looking forward to all of the exciting things for The Texas Tenors and the Fan Club have for 2018!

See everyone in College Station, TX on April 29th!


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