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Fan Club Event!

The Texas Tenors June Fan Event! The AHHH-Mazing Race! The Texas Tenors Style!

Are ya’ll ready for an adventure?

We have a super fun excursion plan for our Saturday (June 30th) before our Gettin’ Basted picnic!

How about our own version of The AHHH-Mazing Race! The Texas Tenors Style?

While we don’t want to give away all of the details, there are a few things we would like share…

Have you been practicing those selfies?

You know never know when that all important selfie might just be needed. Make sure those cell phones are charged!  Car chargers might be a good idea!

How is your knowledge of Branson Landmarks and Places?

A good study or quick review might just be in order! Branson is one of the few places that have it’s map everywhere and for free! Grab one a take a looksee!

Are you still listening?

Of course I don’t have to ask ya’ll to do this one since all we listen to is our The Texas Tenors music. Keep Listening!  You’ll never know what hints and clues may be in some of our favorite songs.  What do these songs make you think about?  Especially in Branson?

* RISE * You Raise Me Up * My Heart Will Go On * Boot Daddy * The Climb * My Way * Amazing Grace * Rocky Top * God Bless the USA * Wheels *

We’ll meet at Stockstill Park in the east parking no later than 11:00am.  We will pass out final instructions and get our The AHHH-Mazing Race!  The Texas Tenors Style off and on it’s way!






Even if you don’t think you’ll join in, come anyway and we’ll talk you into it!

It’ll be yet another way to meet our fellow fan friends and have a grand adventure!

How much fun is this going to be ya’ll?

WAY beyond excited!

~Jeanie & your entire PIMSquad!


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  1. Anxious to see the winners. Couldn’t do this one but see you at 2pm

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