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*Available Now!* The Texas Tenors 2019 Calendar!

    The Texas Tenors 2019 calendar is here ya’ll! You absolutely don’t want to miss the 2019 that is in Celebration of 10 Years of The Texas Tenors!     Each month, enjoy the collage of memories from before America’s Got Talent and from each year since!  There are many never before seen photos, concert dates and so much more!  Here is a small fun sample: We are taking orders now!  The cost is $15.00 + shipping/handling! Leave us your order request here or you can email me directly at!  Don’t forget the extras for gifts now! Help me also give a huge shout out to Cheryl Johnson for making this all happen!  Thank you Cheryl for putting the entire calendar artwork together and all the work in getting all the pre-orders out ...[Read More]

More Ways to Help! Twitter 101!

**Updated for AGT Champions!* Howdy Ya’ll! Let’s talk Twitter because we are having a blast and don’t want anyone to be missing out! More importantly, it is key for us to help keep the word out about The Texas Tenors! Through social media, we can help keep TTT’s music, AGT Champions, PBS special RISE and other projects, guest appearances and concerts relative, current and visible! By keeping the conversation going in Twitter, we are keeping The Texas Tenors visible to key opportunities waiting for them and continuing to grow that AHHH-mazing fan base! If you’re not on Twitter, come help us and join us on our TTT-Twitterverse! For the “Twitter newby” and for the “not yet Twitter savvy”, here are some easy basics: First, you will want to set up your ...[Read More]

Time To Go To Work Again Fan Club! The Texas Tenors New PBS Special “RISE”!

Hi Everyone! It’s time for The Texas Tenors Fan Club to go to Work Again! The Texas Tenors new PBS Special “RISE” made it’s debut a year ago in August and we have had incredible response!  Let’s make sure it keeps being broadcast nationally! PBS affiliates are managed at a local level and are responsible for the programming that they will air including their pledge drives which they usually have 4 a year.  The next drives for most stations will be in the November / December timeframe. For “RISE”, affiliates will also take a few other things into consideration such as on set visits by The Texas Tenors during airing, tickets to their concert as part of the promotional offering for donations, etc. HOW CAN WE HELP?  Call your local PBS station and tell them you want to see The Texa...[Read More]